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Our stay in England ( 6AB)


A lot of students have probably been on a language trip abroad like our class, 6A, which went to Worthing, England at the beginning of March.
As requested, I have prepared a report on our stay to tell you about our programme, accommodation and activities. 

Preparations began in Vienna. Our teachers organised everything for us - they booked our host families, our language course at St. George’s School of English in Worthing, approximately ten to 20 minutes away from our homes, and day trips.

Everyone of us, students as well as teachers stayed with host families. In each host family there were two or three students. We didn’t have any problems with our families, they were very friendly and helpful in every way. At home we had breakfast in the morning and dinner at approximately five to six o’clock in the evening. We could also eat out in the town centre if we wanted but we had to ask our host family for permission.

Every morning at nine o’clock our language classes started. Most of us walked to school, though some even came by taxi! On the first day we were separated into two different groups - Deon’s group and Lucy’s group. Classes ended at one o’clock p.m.

In the afternoon our teachers and Petra organised some activities for us. On the first day we had an orientation walk, on Saturday and Sunday we went to London and on Monday to Brighton. These excursions were great because you could see that not every city in England is the same. On Tuesday evening we all went bowling together, which was great fun.

To sum up, we had a wonderful week in England with our teachers and I can recommend such a school trip to everyone who likes to discover new places and meet new people.

Nicoleta Prepeleag, 6A

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